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Our honey is 100% Pure Raw Maine Honey.  Just as the bees made it – nothing added, nothing taken away.  We harvest honey at different times in the season, resulting in different varietals.  The early honey is characterized by early fruit tree blooms, black locust (acacia) and linden.  This honey is light in color and “buttery” with a hint of mint.  Our summer honey is a more traditional amber color – a true “wildflower” blend of nectar sources including clover, thyme, and other herbs and ornamental flowers.  The flavor is complex yet soothing – a delicious honey for all uses.  Our fall honey is dominated by three major nectar sources:  aster, goldenrod, and Japanese Knotweed.  This dark honey is red in color and rich in flavor.  This unusual dark honey is deliciously sweet and warming, and characterized by high-antioxidant properties of knotweed nectar, extra good for you.

Honey Products

Our honey is 100% Pure Raw Maine Honey. Just as the bees made it – nothing added.

Beeswax products

We make candles, lotion bars, lip balms and other products from our own pure beeswax.

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We love to share and educate. Check out our videos to get a glimpse into the workings of our farm.