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erin forbes catching a swarm of bees

We Collect Swarms!

What is a Swarm?

As part of their natural reproductive cycle, honeybees will swarm. A swarm is when a queen and a good portion of the worker population of bees leave the hive to find a new home. While a honeybee swarm is relatively harmless, it can be a frightening sight to people.  The best thing you can do is call a beekeeper!   Beekeepers will provide a safe dry home and food for this new colonyof bees.

If you are in Maine, you can call us.  207-838-4046.  We will either come ourselves or refer you to another beekeeper who can help.  If you are outside of Maine, the best thing for you to do is google your state's beekeeping association.  They will have a list of beekeepers who collect swarms on their website.
Swarms should not be sprayed with water or disturbed in any other way. It is best to clear the area until the beekeeper arrives to make the removal.

A honeybee swarm cluster

Some simple information to have before calling:

  • What does the swarm look like? If the swarm has a “nest” then it is likely not honey bees but hornets or wasps especially if it is “papery” looking. A swarm of honey bees will cluster into a roughly round shape on an object like a tree branch. (see photo)
  • Where is the swarm (physical address)?
  • How long have the bees been there?
  • Contact name and phone number (of person on site)
  • What has the swarm landed on (tree branch, tree trunk, building, etc)?  How high up is the swarm?
  • Are there any special concerns in the area? (children, water hazards, bees in the house etc)