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Overland Apiaries provides a number of services for the general public as well as other beekeepers.

Bee Hive Rentals

We provide a full season beekeeping service for people interested in having honeybees on their own property.  A short description of that service can be found here:

Overland Pollination Rental (PDF)

Live Colony Removals

Master Beekeeper Cindy "Bee" Bee is one of the nation's foremost experts on live colony removals.  For thirteen years she owned and operated a full time bee removal business in the Atlanta Georgia area.  Now relocated to Maine, Bee performs bee removals in Maine, New Hampshire, and Northeastern Massachusetts.  Bee removes the honey bees and their nest from the structure, repairs the structure to a "ready to paint" condition, and guarantees the bees will not return to the location.  For more information on colony removals or for a quote, please contact us.

Bee Removal Yarmouth Maine

Bee removes honeycomb from the soffit of a home in Yarmouth Maine

We also teach private lessons and perform colony inspections for beekeepers wishing to learn more.

Please contact us for more information regarding:

Erin Forbes inspecting a colony

Erin Forbes inspecting a colony of honey bees

  • Honeybee Colony Removal
  • Beekeeping presentations and small group lectures
  • Private Beekeeping Lessons
  • Colony inspections for beekeepers