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Artificial Swarming Handout

Artificial Swarming Basics

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EAS Handouts

We had a wonderful time at EAS in Lexington KY last week.
As promised, here are the handouts from Erin's workshops on overwintering nucleus colonies and artificial swarming. EAS summer nuc brochure

Artificial Swarming Basics

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Package Pickup Delayed 24-36 hours

We are currently in Georgia on our way to pick up the package bees. Due to severe weather, the package producer is running behind, and we are going to be delayed 24-36 hours. This will cause our pick up in Portland to be delayed until Saturday May 3 in the afternoon or Sunday May 4. We will not know when we will be back in Maine until we have actually picked up the packages. Please continue to check this page, or check our facebook page, OverlandHoney for updates. Facebook will have the most up to date information as we can update that from our mobile phone. We apologize for the delay, and we be on our way as soon as possible.

Our current plan is to change the pickup location to The Honey Exchange at 494 Stevens Avenue in Portland (less than a mile from Overland). This will allow for more flexibility for picking up the packages this weekend.

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2014 Packages – sold out

We have sold all of our packages for 2014. Thank you for your orders, and we are looking forward to picking up the bees for delivery in Maine on May 3.

package trailer

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Spring is finally coming

We are thinking about our trip to pick up the packages in just over a month. Looking out the window it seems farther away than that, but in fact spring is on the way and soon so will be the bees. This is a photo of installing packages in our SARE yard in Jefferson last spring.

package install

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Packages Still Available – March 30, 2014

We do still have 3lb packages of honey bees available to order. Delivery date will be May 3, 2014. Our package order form is here Package Confirmation 2014.

As the spring is starting to break through the winter cold, every day we are starting to see the plants change from dormant to blooming. We expect that by the time our packages arrive on the first week of May, our yards, gardens, and fields will be bursting with the blessings of nectar and pollen. This is a photo from one of our newly installed package colonies in the SARE yard this spring - a beautiful frame of honey.

SARE 2012 honey frame

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3lb Packages for Sale. Pick up in Portland or Jefferson, May 3, 2014

We will once again be bringing 3lb packages of Rossman Italian bees from Moultrie, Georgia in May. The packages will be available for pick up on May 3, 2014 in Portland, or in Jefferson Maine.

Details and order form here: Package Confirmation 2014

Watch a short video of Erin installing a package of honey bees here: Package Installation


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Intermediate Bee School in Portland January 8 – February 12, 2014

Erin and fellow Master Beekeeper Jacky Hildreth will be teaching intermediate level bee school, Apiary Management starting in January. Classes will be held at the University of Southern Maine Portland campus. Details and links to sign up can be found on the Cooperative Extension website.

Apiary Management Bee School

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We will not be selling overwintered nucs this spring

In the winter of 2013 Cindy and Erin purchased a 10 acre farm in Jefferson Maine with the intention of expanding our beekeeping operation.  The Jackson Farm in Jefferson is a wonderful spot for bees, and we have also located several excellent locations for additional outyards near the farm.  Our plan for 2014 is to nearly double the size of our overall apiary, expanding both our honey production colonies, and our queen and nuc raising.  As a result, we will not be selling any of our overwintered nucleus colonies this year - we intend to use them make the increase in our colony numbers.

We are, however selling 3lb Rossman packages in early May.  In our SARE project we have seen that commercial packages which are requeened with northern queens in June have statistically equal strength and survival rates to northern raised nucleus colonies.  Until such a time as the New England beekeeping industry has grown and changed to include a healthy supply of northern raised nucs which keeps up with demand for replacement colonies, our recommendation is to purchase the best quality southern packages you can find, and then requeen with a northern queen in June when they become available.   You can read more about our methods and results in the first two years of our SARE projects by cutting and pasting the following address into your browser.

Jackson Farm mailbox

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Taking orders for Spring 2014 Packages

We will once again be selling 3lb honey bee packages from Rossman Apiaries in Spring, 2014. Our Package Confirmation form with details on how to order is here:  Package Confirmation 2014

SARE-Package-Bees-flying-overlandOnce we receive your order and payment, we will send you a confirmation via usmail and email.  We anticipate selling out, so please place your orders early.

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