Overland Apiaries

About Overland Apiaries

Overland Apiaries is a small, sustainable, non-migratory beekeeping operation based in Jefferson and Portland, Maine. We are also much more. We are dedicated to raising bees in a natural and healthy way.

We offer 100% pure honey—just how the bees made it. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. Our wax products, such as our beeswax lotion bar and lip balm, contain only the finest ingredients.

We raise our own nucleus colonies and in the summer sell northern raised queens to other beekeepers.

And we are always willing to educate. Take a look around our site for information about beekeeping and photos of our apiaries. We love our honey bees and we love sharing information about our beekeeping methods.

Also, please feel free to contact us for information about our other products and about sustainable beekeeping.

 Thank you for thinking of the bees.

wintering colonies

three honey bee colonies with nucs stacked above, ready for winter

Erin Forbes and Cindy Bee, Master Beekeepers